The Roker Roar From The Shore

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Rolling up the beach
It rattle’s all the stones
This chilly place
Took hours to reach
I’m freezing to the bone
The North sea is relentlessly
Pounding the coastal wall
Looking at this raging scene
I don’t feel well at all
We’ve an hour till its kick off
What a scary place
The sea spray
From the incoming tide
Energize’s my cold face
We walk along the promanade
To have a nose around
Where we are is just surreal
There’s the football ground
The roar inside the stadium
The roar there on the beach
Which one is the Roker Roar
Of which people speak?

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Very strange place. A coach journey to Sunderland that seemed to take a whole day for a league cup tie first leg, park up on the beach and the ground was just around the corner, the weather was awful and to top it all we got beat! Centre half taken to hospital with a serious injury.Then you have to schlep it home again for about six blimmin hours!

Ah great times! And you know what? I’d do it all over again!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-roker-roar-from-the-shore/