The San Marino rout

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Once again, San Marino crushed like
A bulldozer, Monday evenings
Of cruelty, destruction and carnage
It could have been far more but
Oh for the suffering of humble
Little men in red and yellow
Pitiful rag dolls crumpled under
The weight of England’s stampeding
Feet, fleet of feet, nimble toes
Delicacy personified
10-0, a festival of mathematics
Wild and wanton goals
By the second, minute
Interminably, Citizen Kane
In goal scoring command
Even Tyrone Mings amid
The confetti of goal after
Goal, festooned all over
The history books, records
Broken, like smashed Greek
England poised for
Another World Cup destiny
The intervention of fate
May well dictate England’s
Form in the deserts of Qatar
But Saka, Abraham, Bellingham
In the first flush of youth
Will offer heart and soul
The full thrust of their gifts
Upon grandiose stages
In the depths of Saudi
Mid winter when Christmas
Hymnal churches
Pour rhapsodies of religion
Into the warm embrace of
Our hearts, Come on
Gareth, with or without
Waistcoats, a malt whisky
Or mulled wine
When turkeys and families
Unite the global themes
So in England we must trust
That Albania and San Marino
Were like feathers in the wind
Blown away, like the mercurial
Speed of Sancho, who, given
Half the chance will demolish
The great and good, Italy
Because they could be temperamental,
Germany because they can only
Be so thorough and without flaw
Yes San Marino, Of course
It was a stroll in your park
But Brazil and Argentina
Your heritage and swagger
Are ready to fall when
Gareth Southgate’s men
May just, but surely call.



This is my reaction to England’s 10-0 victory over San Marino.


Joe Morris

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-san-marino-rout/