The thick skinned manager

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 We are now rock bottom
with one win in the last nine
the manager says don’t worry
everything is just fine.
But us fans are nervous
we’ve never been bottom before
but the boss says the next game
we’ll probably bang in four.
But he said that last week
and we never found the net
while us fans are sweating
he’s telling us not to fret.
The chap sat behind me
called the boss a fat so and so
but the manager says he’s staying
and no way will he quit and go.
So while we keep on losing
and the team drop further down
the manager keeps on smiling
while we leave games with a frown.
Still these managers get really well paid
so you can insult them as much as you like
while they drive away in a nice new car
some of us walk home or get back on a bike !



We are bottom of the Championship and can’t seem to get a win but the manager is staying upbeat as usual saying we’ll soon get out of it.
Managers have to I guess but ours currently reminds me of a captain of a sinking ship,while passengers are running about screaming shouting we are doomed,he says calm down as the ship sinks to the bottom !

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/the-thick-skinned-manager/