Thoughts And Feelings Of Away Games

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 You get to spend time with your mates. Real time, not a swift half in some pub
Your together, usually for quite a few hours each way.
All sorts of stuff comes up in conversation
Like the time we got the plane up to Anfield
Early one Saturday morning
Only to be three nil down at half time
We spun around
And came out a different team in the second half
Scored two goals and then Lawrenson off the telly
Chopped down Nevin as he was about to equalise
Everybody in the ground saw it
Except the most important pair of eyes in the world that day
The ref and he missed it. Ah well, you win some you….lose some
The first visit to Old Trafford when the Man Yoo fans
Started having a pop at Mickey Thomas who used to play for them
He replied with a goal, that soon shut them up
Fantastic atmosphere in all of these grounds
Draws and wins with ten men against the odds
And a roaring fanatical partizan home crowd
Three nil down at Hillsborough after about fifteen minutes after taking All afternoon to get there. Shef Wed 4 Chelsea 4 final result
The feeling coming home from a game like that is just….euphoric
Going to St James Park and seeing the Gallowgate in all its black and White magnificent splendour which you’d heard about but never ever believed to be true, well it was and more.
Walsall, Blackburn, Aston Villa, Coventry, Sunderland, Notts Forest, the list goes on and on.
Grimsby needing to win to get promoted and we did, the journey home was one you did’nt want to end ever.
Wembley’s last Cup Final, Zola, Di Matteo, Hughes, Le Beouf, Vialli, Ruud Guillit, you used to sit at away grounds when the team came out and think, is this a dream, are these blokes really playing for my team or is this Football Gazzeta on Channel 4?
The North Bank, The Kop, The Stretford End, all awesome places that were magnificent in their intensity, by the amount of people and the sheer volume of noise that they made when they were getting behind the home team to spur them on and demoralize the opposition.
Arriving home often in the early hours still buzzing from the fantastic atmosphere that you can only get from having been there and seen it!!!

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3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 peace.



Dear fans of the beautiful game and fellow poets, just a few lines!



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