Time Is Running Out

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3 home games to go,
but what about next season
as nobody seems to know ?
Time is running out
patience wearing thin,
all we want is to follow the team
be there come lose draw or win.
Time is running out
please give us good news,
we love our football club
always support the Sky Blues.
Time is running out
On Coventry City FC,
this historic club that was formed
In the year of eighteen eighty three.
Time is running out
this is a football nightmare,
when we have got owners
who just don’t seem to care.
Time is running out
is that the Grim Reaper at our door?
could he be a doom laden warning
that our club may soon be no more ?
So time is running out
all I want to do is swear and curse,
I try and remain positive but sadly
deep down I really fear the worse !



As all football fans are probably aware of the goings-on at Coventry City FC , and the threat hanging over us of expulsion from the Ricoh Arena and the football league. Nobody tells us fans what the outcome will be ? Hence this poem. I should have called it The Scream !

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/time-is-running-out/