To Hull and Back with Rik at The Vic

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 a hundred miles away from Kev
but we kicked ev’ry ball
it’s the finishing… or lack of it
that gets us most of all
it’s like the run in ten years back
when Jose’s hair was black
but in The Vic on Sunday
we went to Hull and back

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 you try to block the pundits
the stuff they churn on out
their slow-mo replay wisdom
what are they on about ?
we haven’t been ourselves for weeks
we’re always hanging on
we’re carefree out there on the pitch
and not just in the song

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 there’s some for whom this is a first
whose last gasp moves are vital
it’s never easy anywhere
to win this flipping title
our passing got quite sloppy
we didn’t look that slick
at least we broke the hoodoo
and won it at The Vic

4 Leave a comment on verse 4 0 there’s loads of tough ones up ahead
no easy games it’s true
good luck to Hull they fought and fought
you do what you can do
but if you’re forced to watch in pubs
there’s some that have the knack
and me and Rik down at The Vic
we went to Hull and back



Hull 2 Chelsea 3

You get really superstitious about which pubs you watch your team in, don’t you. The Lucky pub ? The unlucky pub ?

Our local pub The Oak, just below the cottage where I live on the hill, for years run by Dale and John, has been great for us. Great vibe. Good banter. It’s also been the home of some great and classic days and nights for years. Sadly, this season they’ve had to cope with ever dwindling attendances. It’s in a large part of course down to astronomical Sky showing-costs, but also possibly ‘dwindling’ performances by Liverpool, Arsenal and Man U (until now) who let’s face it, are still the main pub punter- draw anywhere in the world really. Bottom line, they just can’t afford to keep showing Sky matches in a small Gloucestershire town like this…

So here we are, our inner lucky/un-lucky-pub conspiracy theories working overtime,back at The Vic in Stroud… The Vic also stopped being able to afford it a while back , but are now fortunately showing stuff again. Phew!

But after the Spurs Capital win, which we were still able to watch in our old haunt, we’ve endured the Bradford debacle and a nerve-shredding night at West Ham (ok that was on the radio) . So it’s been a nervy old few weeks at the Vic, with the 4 draws with PSG Burnley and Southampton . So to win at The Vic is a first for many many years for us..

But we hung in there at Hull finally. Love us or loathe us, It’s gonna get emotional again.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/to-hull-and-back-with-rik-at-the-vic/