Too Blind To See.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The new season is on its way,
Now the blind will have to pay.
Alas St.Marys is not for free,
They must pay though they can”t see.
Over hundred years have passed by,
I cannot see a reason why.
With a ninety million windfall,
Why they should have to pay at all.
A community club now bland,
No more to give sightless a hand.
And sit now freely in the ground.
Pick up atmosphere and sound.
To be part of life and to feel,
Those fleeting moments are for real.
It seems the Saints cannot now find,
Compassion for fans who are blind.



I was surprised to find out that only Man U and Chelsea don’t charge disabled or the blind to get into their grounds.

Now Southampton have jumped on the band wagon and now everyone that is impaired in any way have got to pay the same.

And disabled season tickets have gone up 65 per cent to £495.

So from zero to several hundred pounds will certainly handicap the handicapped, and I don’t mean to slight them in any way.

I am sure if 99 per cent of the fans were asked to pay an extra couple of pounds it would more than cover the cost.


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/too-blind-to-see/