Two Minutes !

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Is all it takes to save the game
Its possible to bestow on you great fame
Injury time the game is won or lost
A silly mistake what would be the cost?
Two minutes
At midday on Thursday we’ll think of those who have passed on
At midday we’ll think of relatives who struggle to go on
Two minutes
Is all takes to end a human life
Some poor persons husband
Some poor persons wife
Some poor persons daughter
Some poor persons son
Someone’s doting father
Someone’s loving mum
Two minutes
On Thursday London will be a shroud
The bereaved will be a crying
As those mourning join the crowd
As the tears for those departed
Flow from saddened hearts
Remember them with fondness
Though with sadness you do part



At midday on Thursday in London there will be two minutes silence for those who lost their lives a week ago, my thoughts go out to all the families of all concerned in this terrible tragedy.

May your God go with you.




Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/two-minutes/?shared=email&msg=fail