Two years on, walk on

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To exit Liver house
All the many players and bosses and teams
It’s still the fans to the fore, dominating our thoughts and dreams
And oh how the dearly departed
Wish the current crop, could finish what they started
So while we commemorate and give thanks
To the likes of Fagan, Paisley, Shanks
And still mourn the Hillsborough 96
I hear undertones of the song, ‘Teenage Kicks’
So, at the risk of being called soft
As the bells peel today, let us remember
John Ravenscroft



Two years to the day, since John Peel passed away

And with respect to 96 other fans :

Click here for a great commemorative poem by Parry Maguire

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/two-years-on-walk-on/