UCFB: Football is The Business

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Education now recognizes the impact of football
Marketing Media and Finance
That tripartite of success…
Ghosts of Clarets past smile out from black and white nostalgia
Whilst I think of Disco Jimi’s legs and still grimace,
The pain from the cold wooden seats never quite matching the pain in my heart…wonder if Rafa still frequents the bars….
Still we’ll always have Istanbul…
Yet here basking within the battling sun of an East Lancs afternoon
I think of a seminar that opens against the backdrop of an emerald green football pitch
I see Alastair Campbell spinning the ball at the Turf between the intricacies of media complexities
And I recall that football is not just a matter of money and madness,
It remains Shankly’s legacy, a simple passing game:
From corner to corner…from parent to child.



Visited this wonderful new academy based at Burnley FC with some of my students from Birkenhead Sixth Form College recently. They offer degrees in the following: BA (hons) Football Business and Media, Football Business and Marketing and Football Business and Finance. How I wish I was 30 years younger!

Apologies Eds for multiple posts…I really should wear my reading glasses when I type!

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/ucfb-football-is-the-business/