Until The End

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Until the end
Well not any more
Its never over
Until the fat lady sings
No matter what the score
We shlep it up to Cardiff
Whilst in division two
Its one of the days
When you know that
Nothings down for you
Tony McAndrew’s
Having a nightmare
Dixon had two left feet
Speedie wanted a puch up
With anything
That looked like a leek!
Wee Pat Nevin was being murdered
There in broad daylight
We’d phoned the police for protection for him
But they could’nt get there till night
Anyway we were two nil down
As night was drawing in
My mate says ‘Shall we do the off
There’s nothing happening’
We slink away to the usual song
You know the one I mean
We walk towards the station
Choked up and feeling sick
A roar goes up
From the ground we’ve just left
Someone’s on a hatrick
We trudge another few yards
There’s another roar
By now we really have the hump
The roar must mean its four
We stand on the platform
Awaiting the train
In a place that I abhor
Chelsae fans arrive
And they tell us
We nicked a two all draw!!!
So I never leave a game early
Because of the above
Would you dream of leaving a lover
Before you’ve finished making love???

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Another one from John Neal’s days in charge. We ended up in some strange places and this is one of them!!!



Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/until-the-end/