“Utrecht in the Cup”

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Half an hour before kick-off
The seats are starting to fill
The lure of the Dutch Cup
That’s how I get my thrill.
I hope it’s a better game than last night
Not the best I’ve ever seen
But the opposition were decent on Sunday
The boys in Groningen green.
I’m sat here as a neutral
Not supporting either team here
But as I’m in the home end
When Utrecht score I’ll cheer.
I’m hoping for a few goals
Which will be rather nice
Perhaps a red card or two
To add a bit of spice.
Pleasantly surprised at the ticket
We’ve got so much to learn
Happy it’s only ten euros
I haven’t got money to burn.
The programme was for gratis
Given away free on the gate
Made sure I grabbed an extra
For a fellow collector mate.
The game was so one-sided
As if Groningen were scared to try
Utrecht were like Dulwich
Waving chance after chance goodbye.
Extra-time was looming
Only two minutes added on the clock
The fact there was even a late winner
Came as a total shock.
The home end going ape
Beer thrown in the air
I’m absolutely covered in it
Down my back & in my hair!
The stench is making me wistful
That beery aroma gave me a fright
I keep calm by clinging to the fact
If I was drunk I wouldn’t be here tonight.
For having stopped my drinking
I can go to games like this
One of the many little bonuses
Of not being on the piss.
I’m really enjoying my travels
Venturing to grounds & places I wouldn’t see
Right now I’m totally contented
With a new lease of life for me.



( On 26th October 2016 I went to FC Utrecht versus FC Groningen in the Dutch FA Cup)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/utrecht-in-the-cup/