WAGS in the Sixties

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 We climbed those steep stairs to the top of the stand,
Where the view of the pitch was total and grand.
We carried our cushions, our coats and our bags,
We were the young 60’s versions
Of what now are called WAGS.
All wives and girlfriends, we gathered together
To watch our men play in all kinds of weather.
There was no television in South Africa then,
So we couldn’t switch on later to watch them again.
Designer clothes were not on the menu,
We just dressed for comfort that suited the venue.
No paparazzi hanging around
As we focused attention on that great football ground.
Those games we were watching way back then,
Were played in an age that we’ll not see again.
The pitches were hard as was the laced leather ball,
But when that first whistle blew,
Those men gave it their all.
The friendships we formed as we watched every game
Have lasted for decades and I still feel the same.
I feel the warm closeness that brought us together
And those ties are so strong, they will live on forever.
We may not have been beauties, or flashy or rich,
But we always were there for those men on the pitch.
I have to thank football for enriching my life
And it all came about as a footballer’s wife.

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 Ianthe Exall April 2016.



Editor Note: Fabulous piece Ianthe. Do you have any pics from that time. Would love some put this up on the Facebook page..Weren’t you in a girls marching band/.drum majorettes on the pitch at one point in your life ? Or am I imagining it?

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/wags-in-the-sixties/