We are Wolves

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 And though I live in the shadow of defeat
I have no thoughts of relegation
I will embrace each performance
As a father would embrace a worried child
I will sing encouragement
I will cheer each positive opportunity
Never daunted for a moment by barbed words
For this is my team, my passion
A lifetime of money and devotion invested
We are Wolves and one day our strength will return
And opposition will once again fear our name
So as you Baggies bask in the Premiership
Enjoy whilst you can your moment in the sun
For even as the storm clouds gather
The wounded wolf licks his wounds.



Written in response to the normal banter which goes on between WBA ‘Baggies’ fans and Wolves fans.

Editor Note: Great piece.i used to love going to Wolves back in the day.

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