We know its over

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Well now we know its over, another seasons at an end
Friday 13th in Wicklow, our title curtain did descend
My wifes birthday was coupled with our anniversary
A romantic night and lovely meal, was duly guaranteed
The restaurant in remotest Cork, it had no phone reception
The meal itself was sumptuous, all the way from the inception
I nipped out after the main course to check the babysitter
Holding my phone up in the air, like a radio transmitter
I got a bar across the road, the texts came flooding in
7 of them came rapidly , each one square on the chin
I staggered back for some dessert, a brave face it was kept
Inside I was heartbroken, disconsolate and bereft

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 Gregory had signed for Shels before a crap Cup Final
Little Liam, bad advice, was lacking all things spinal
George was, for sure the biggest loss, his ego won the day
Now all he represents for me is contempt and dismay
We went to Europe full of hope, up battling with the rest
We returned domestic, 6 points down, an uphill fight at best
Too many draws, A squad too light, the excuses flow and flow
But to lose to Bray, who we’d hit for 6 a mere two weeks ago?
The title we embraced so close, last Friday off she flew
2 goals within 2 minutes from a lad called Georgescu
She’s gone for now, just let her go, we adore 11 men
Once its not another 13 years til we see her again.



Our title hopes finally ended last Friday the 13th.
My heart is broken.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/we-know-its-over/