We thought it all over.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 We were leading One nil
With the time almost up
One hand on the trophy
Of the Gateshead school’s cup.
The opposition’s PE teacher
Was acting as ref
We all called him sir
While they all called him Jeff.
He kept checking his watch
Then waving play on
Ignoring the fact that
Ninety Eight minutes had gone.
From a disputed free kick
They knocked the ball wide
To this little ginger haired kid
Who was Ten yards offside.
With our teacher the linesman
Frantically waving his flag
The carrot topped winger
Hit the onion bag.
Despite howls of protests
The goal was allowed
That was when my old man
Emerged from the crowd
Screaming obscenities most beginning with eff
To my acute embarrassment
He chased after the ref.
But Jeff was to nimble
And as quick as you like
Still wearing his tracksuit he escaped on his bike.
The match was abandoned
And a meeting took place
Our school’s board of governors
Called the scenes a disgrace.
It was the end of our dream
But I think the real crime
Was down to Jeff the Ref
And all his added on time.


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/we-thought-it-all-over/