Well Done Longford!

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Your vict’ry over Waterford is cause for celebrations.
I hope you let your hair down for you certainly deserve it,
Your energy is limitless, there’s no need to conserve it.
Enjoy yourselves and have a drink, there’s no need to stay sober,
At least until the semi versus Galway in October.
Your season’s really taken off, you’re in the semi-final,
The doubters and the knockers have been flushed down the urinal.
The league game on tonight must be a difficult distraction –
The League’s just bread and butter, it’s the Cup that’s the attraction.
You know the risks you take if you should put yourselves about,
You might pick up an injury and then you’d be ruled out
Of what might be the most important game of Longford’s season.
How foolish, should you miss it for a “bread and butter” reason.
No need to try your hardest, sure, the rest won’t holler “Fix!”
If Shels should win by four or five, or maybe even six.
It’s plain to see that you have thoughts of Galway on your mind,
And that is where your focus and your thoughts should be confined.



Well, we beat them 2-1, after a struggle. Why can’t teams just lay down and die?

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/well-done-longford/