Wembley Waylaid

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 One wonders
As one observes all the blunders
Would we be better off at all
Without a permanent home for football
For the whole Wembley debacle
Is as woeful as a Vinnie Jones tackle
But, if t’were agreed
That the need
Were absolute
Then they should shoot
The buggers currently in charge
(metaphorically speaking, of course, no real discharge)
And look for a person
Who wouldn’t worsen
Nor weaken
With too much tweakin’
The National Vision
Someone who’d make the right decision
Who’s writing
Is so exciting
And who’s magnum opus
– far from hocus pocus –
Should be used as the blueprint
For whoever gets the stint



So I guess it boils down to 2 nominations –
Either Stuart Butler
Or Ivor Cutler!

But seriously folks
For the wonderful Wembley Way of writing
(pre-match, full of hope and excitement)
to Stuart Butler and his Wembley Way of Consciousness
…. Respect

His epic ought to be copied to, and studied by, all those involved

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/wembley-waylaid/