West Ham, beaten in local derby

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Oh well you can’t always win them
Since the heady, dizzy euphoria of
Europa League conquests
Over Sevilla, brings claret and blue
West Ham infantry plummeting
Down to earth
Spurs, yes Spurs
It had to be their early
Springtime pageantry
Showing cherry blossom
Along the Seven Sisters Road
Tottenham, parading their
Peacock plumage, roses
Around the cottage
Spurs flaunting their North London
Feathers against their good natured
Enemies West Ham, admittedly on a
High, after European expeditions
Still wearing their Sunday shirt
And bow tie, occasionally revealing
Their breeding and status but then
Stumbling towards exhaustion
At the end
Benhrama volleys in his goal
But by now Spurs are in seventh heaven
Surely not Harry Kane again
But two up within minutes
Game, seemingly gone
Extinct, defunct, emphatic zero
Not a day for claret and blue jousting
And sparring, provoking Spurs into
Submission but not today
Maybe a match too far
But no plausible excuses
Last Thursday must have
Felt like the equivalent of
FA Cup Final days at Wembley
And yet the beauty of the game’s art
Found chinks in the East End armour
Kinks, marginal deficiencies blowing
Hot and cold and then breathing heavily
Even Zouma and Dawson have off
Days at the office when the photocopier
Refuses to work, pens and pencils
Go missing, taking early holidays to
Costa sanctuaries, perhaps
Rest your weary limbs West Ham
Take a break, don’t forget the natty
Beach shirts and shorts,
Garish displays of rainbow colours
Blending unmistakably into the
Iberian peninsula
Now though the Premier League
Settles down for the Swiss
At Wembley next week
Away from the chaotic jam
Of the domestic grind
Swiss rolls forward towards
North London stages of
Friendly fire
But West Ham beaten
By neighbours who never
Return cups of sugar and
Milk, since the rivalry
Between Spurs and West Ham
Is a fiery furnace of bragging rights
Smouldering with the hot tar
Of local, gripping cut and thrust
Ferocity, matchless and priceless
Spurs on another high though
Son Heung Min and Kane
Whose citizenship reminds
The Hammers of a three goal
Salvo, victory complete but Spurs
Please leave the building quietly
Since you are nowhere near
Europe. You win this squabble
But Lyon are not on your radar
Remember Spurs, look at the
Bigger picture. Touche.



Local rivals- Spurs beat West Ham 3-1 but forget about who may still be in Europe. Only joking Spurs, well done.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/west-ham-beaten-in-local-derby/