What Do We Want From Football Today?

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 what do we want from football today
and where do our true feelings lie
are we all hoping for long gone days
or dreaming of pie in the sky?
have all of our great expectations
been dashed just like waves on the shore
by role models focused on off field-goals
and not by the faithful who roar
who yell for some pure entertainment
for passion talent and skill
and all of those concepts we have for the game
that are languishing somewhere here still

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 I’ve grown used to sanitized stadiums
with our ‘sit down and shut up’ brigade
where everything’s wildly inflated and priced
just one more mistake we have made
but I’m talking ’bout fans who give money and soul
shelling out all of their cash
for something akin to a cat walk-display
by models instead of a match
who swan round like popstars in their little world
to get rich as fast as they can
forgetting the hand that is feeding them all
belongs to a fast fading fan
as bankruptcy hovers on many a club
attendances fall all the time
there are loads of good things that are cheaper
and they’re really not that hard to find
but i’ll never accept that we’re heading
to a place where our children won’t be
when the average age now at most of the games
must be somewhere around 53?

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 I remember when i was a star-struck young kid
I’d be going to movies or games
and we’d gaze at our stars and our heroes
but the prices were roughly the same
but look at us now we’re deciding
just how much more dosh we can spend
so we don’t go that much and we start to lose touch
then we finally stop in the end
I’m aware there are clubs out there trying
on special ‘community’ days
with ‘tickets a pound’ and where kids can go free
but the big boys just don’t go that way
and we all of of us know why it’s happened
how it’s spiralling out of control
we’ve allowed all the debts and the wages to soar
without ever plugging the hole
the hole we’ve created forgetting the fans
the ones who bring life to it all
and it’s high time the big boys considered us guys
and just what we want from football

4 Leave a comment on verse 4 0 so what do we want from our football today
and where do our real feelings lie
are we just banging on about long gone days
or dreaming of pie in the sky



This poem (which hopefully will inspire a theme of its own) was inspired by Andy Lockett’s great lament for the game and his beloved Woves! I could go on and on ..so please do..Your Poems will appear in/on Butler’s Bench…(oh where are you Stu..”Butler-Butler gi’s a wave?”)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/what-do-we-want-from-football-today/