What the Lions Have (A Bit of Zoology and the Anatomy of the Lions)

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 The lions have twenty claws
With them they rip lines of rows.
The lions have a mane,
We have a Wayne.
Lions can roar,
And attack like a wild-boar.
The lions have fur the colour of gold,
The same colour as the trophy we’ll hold.
The lions have huge teeth,
And when running, they feel the heath.
The lions never give up,
And England will have the Cup.
The lions have a very fast speed,
It’s an evidence, you can this read.
The lions eat their prey,
This line rhymes with grey.
The lions have a big heart
Germany, yet again, falling apart.
The lions are brave,
From cradle to grave.
The lions are able to defend,
If they’re insulted, that’s a dead-end.
The lions’ canines are just like tusks,
England players do their tasks.
The lions can attack,
There’s no skill that they lack.
Lions don’t live in Brazil and don’t want to,
They’re quite happy at any English zoo.
Well, maybe not, but never mind,
They won’t change their own mind.
The lions belong to the family of cat,
Even their kittens are bigger than a rat.
The lions have not only one ear
They know no fear,
Obviously, neither have even a single tear.
The lions have tails,
One species which never fails.
The lions have bones,
Aren’t happy with silver, nor bronze.
The lions’ colour is only gold,
Of a young one, an adult, or even an old.
The lionesses haven’t, but lions have balls,
Therefore they can score lots of goals.
But lionesses aren’t coward’
They’re calmly inching cow-ward.
Lionesses catch their prey, future victims,
Bringing those back, they live in teams.
The lions aren’t scavengers,
But fresh-flesh eaters,
The lions eat also meat,
They will never retreat.
The lions can maul,
We love them all.
Our cradle is Africa,
Lions live there and across the Savannah,
What else comes from Africa?
The diamond, Sven’s secret formula.
Three Lions have a Sven,
A Becks, a Roo, an Owen,
Three Lions have two Coles,
A crock Smithy and an ex-Scholes,
And a team, which can score the goals.
Three Lions have no yellow, nor red card,
But have Steven Gerrard,
A lion cub Theo, a Frank Lampard,
And at least one Ferdinand.
Three Lions have three colours: dark blue, red and white,
One of two Phillips: Shaun Wright,
Three Lions’ fourth colour is Brown,
Who helps one of the Nevilles to put on the crown,
Three Lions also have Ledley King,
Will he become the Lion King?
Three Lions have a James and a Robinson,
Not Crusoe, but a lion’s and lioness’ son,
Three Lions have a Jamie, a Crouch and a Terry,
With them England will surely be merry.
Three Lions can score in the net,
Not bothered if it’s dry or wet.
Three Lions’ fifth colour is Green,
Who, even if injured, won’t let the ball in.
Three Lions have a splendid captain,
Beckham will let us entertain.
England Lads have Three Lions on their chest,
There’s no question which team is the best.
And when just two remain,
Other teams’ve gone home by plane,
The world will shout and support the best band:
Come on Boys, Come on Boys, Come on England!



I dedicate this poem to my dear ex-cat, Marcus, who died on the day of 6:0, on the 3rd of June. We’d been writing this poem together on the 23rd of April.

And I thank my friend’s, Sarah’s, help as well.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/what-the-lions-have-a-bit-of-zoology-and-the-anatomy-of-the-lions/