What you mean to me

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I do a google search on a postcode
but it means nothing to me;
what’s returned is someone’s home
someone’s sanctuary
someone’s seat
but there’s no draw for me, until…
until I open up the mapping
click on the expand emblem
to open up the geosphere
enlarging exponentially
until I find what really excites me
what moves me, more than a man in a van…
it’s postcode agnostic
for it’ll be known to many
by a name – more likely the old fashioned name
or by street name
or uniform moniker
more than a monogrammed edifice
or branded basilica
where a corporate bagging
signals a sponsored sequestration born of septic smugness
that has imposed most impolitely
on the denizens of the district
the doyens of the territory
the notables of the neighbourhood
the bobcats of the borough….
their castle in the air
their citadel, their baubled bastion
their fortress of fecundity
that surrounds
the greenspace
that draws them in like sperm to the mothership
wrapped in scarves and badges
or nowadays tragic tattoos
that inkishly confuse
loyalty, fashion and passion….
this mass conjoinment
is housed
in an area espoused
to our hearts




On reading the title and first couplet of the poem in last weekend’s Sunday Times!

Same title, What you mean to me, by Penny Boxall

I’d worked late this evening, looking at British Postcode rules with a view to a software upgrade.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/what-you-mean-to-me/