1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 We all know there’s so many schools of thought
That deny that words have any exact meaning,
But I can’t forget Doctor Johnson,
Who on receiving
A lecture from Boswell on the non-existence of matter,
Bruised his fat foot by making it fatter,
Through kicking a stone and howling with pain,
And shouting in anguish, again and again,
Thus proving to Boswell, the aforementioned latter,
The totally true existence of matter.
But what’s this got to do with racism
And all the chitter chatter
About the meaning of words?
Well it’s not so absurd
When we think about the words
That word “racism” deserves,
Because it comes from prejudiced benighted ignorance,
And confused xenophobic belligerence,
Brainwashed, fearful, indoctrinated minds,
Imperialism and fascism and things of that kind,
Bigotry, chauvinism, discrimination, intolerance,
Preconceived stereotypes and narrow minded inference,
A ridiculous sense of assumed superiority,
A linguistic separation from actual reality,
And the findings of science and also genetics,
For when you look at the biological statistics,
Out of 30,000 genes, there are only six
That affect our skin colour’s individual mix,
There is no trace of such a thing as race,
The only race you find
Is in the imagination of a mind,
Not in truth, in fact or actuality,
It’s a paranoid, delusional stupidity.
So, when you tell a racist football fan that they are
Prejudiced, bigoted, paranoid and ignorant,
Frightened, confused, hypocritical, intolerant,
Narrow minded, mad, bad and deluded,
A dude, I conclude who is truly occluded,
Could they possibly regard that as praise?
So there’s one last issue that I raise,
And though it doesn’t go against the bone,
Aren’t words sometimes mightier than a stone?


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/where-does-racism-come-from/