Where’s Your Shin Pads?

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 ‘Come here son they aren’t on tight enough’.
‘What do you mean not tight enough Dad? they’re killing, I can’t feel my toes’
‘If you are going to tie them, tie them properly.’
‘Dad you do ’em too tight.’
‘You need them tight, so they’ll not come off.’
‘They’re on well tight.’
‘Tie them proper, its for your own good……. Look……. Look…….Look! You’re not looking! Just leave the ball alone for five minutes and watch while I tie them just under your boot, bring ‘em up, double knot em’.
‘Maradona doesn’t tie ‘em like that, his laces go round his ankles.’
‘Maradona will break his ankle playing like that.’
‘They’re too tight, I think I need a new pair.’
‘New pair! you’ve not had these five minutes, nowt wrong with what you’ve got on’
‘They’re killing’
‘Dalglish Silver’s Dad. Phil’s getting some and he’s only a keeper, he doesn’t kick it as much as me.’
‘No……. and No means No, and don’t try getting round your mother.’
‘What’s that in your hair son? Have you got gel in your hair?’
‘No……er……. it’s just wet.’
‘Wet? What next? Ear rings? Are you posing or playing? I don’t know.’
‘Have you brought your shin pads?……… Where’s your shin pads?’
‘I should have ‘em, Dad I saw them new one’s in Match Weekly they’ve got ankle protectors with ‘em.’
‘You can’t even bloody look after the one’s you’ve got. You don’t need new shin pads, where did you leave them last?’
‘Mum said she’ packed them’
‘It’s not your mum’s job, it’s yours. I asked if you’d got everything and you said yes. I’ll see if mine are in the car.’
‘Thanks Dad.’
‘Here you go son. Hurry up, I don’t know, always on the last bloody minute. Think on in the future now go make sure you win your first tackle.’



Father to Son Five minutes before Kick off.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/wheres-your-shin-pads/