Why ‘Thumper’ Was Late for School

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Just stay there! Don’t move an inch
I can’t. I’ve got to go
I’d like to stay, get out of Maths
But I’d be in trouble, as you know

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 You can’t go, we need you
You always moan you’re never picked
Even though you’re nearly useless
Outfield and between the sticks

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 It was true but it still hurt me
I’ve got big ears and bigger feet
They never let me join their game
Because they don’t like getting beat

4 Leave a comment on verse 4 0 So when they said “Thumper, you can play”
I nearly choked upon my toast
I was made up to be chosen
They let me be the post!



Thumper for Goalpost! Sorry, couldn’t resist it (dodging virtual rotten tomatoes)

Inspired by Non Humphries ‘Why I Was Late for English’ – this was a great story-telling poem and I enjoyed reading it.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/why-thumper-was-late-for-school/