With Zola Gone

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whose grace and style
to compare with the morning sun
not that I did compare
but i do now that Zola’s gone



Not ‘gone’ as in ‘final’… thank god.. of course.. retired but how sad.Only his kids will get to play against those silky skils on the beach and gardens..a young Zola perhaps one day though? .son of Zola? daughter of Zola?..son of Zorro…?
This poem was borrowed respectfully (without permission I must add..tut tut!)from a great poem by Leonard Cohen which appears in Spice Box Of Earth .A book bought in the early sixties which I have carried around the world to this day.These lines have always stuck in my head for every event …breaking up, death, losing your socks and now retirement.Please don’t sue me Lenny!. It’s a tribute to your poem and the great man Gianfranco who was and remains ..Poetry on Legs !

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/with-zola-gone/