Wolves with no Teeth

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Over the years we’ve seen some dross
Football so bad it makes me cross.
From Hoddle, Saunders and Solbakken too
And now Kenny Jackett’s delivering similar poo.
Negative tactics, players falling so deep
Whilst the fans on the terraces are falling to sleep.
Barcelona of the Midlands? Don’t make me laugh
All the good stuff has gone and we’re left with the chaff.
Molineux the fortress is a thing of the past
And opposition managers have caught on fast.
Ok, I know we have injuries galore
But that is what the loan window’s for.
But we’re getting no-one in, it’s plain to see
Even though they’re out there and they’ll come for free.
Once we were a side that drew fan’s applause
Now we are wolves without teeth or claws.
Being a Wolves fan is a roller coaster ride
And for loyal fans there is nowhere to hide.
We’ve known the highs and we’ve known the lows
And the pragmatic say that’s the way it goes.
So we wait and hope for things to turn round
A return to days when new hope is found.


Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/wolves-with-no-teeth/