World Cup 2014

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They also want the sun.’
That came to mind last evening,
After Germany had won
Their World Cup semi-final
With Brazil by 7-1.
The comments of the experts
Which were broadcast focused on
The reasons why the match
Would stand so tall in history.
I understand, but something
Took the shine off it’ for me.
Ozil should have scored an eighth
When time was almost gone,
And then they threw away their ‘clean sheet’
When they let in one.
I had no wish to maximise
Brazilian misery.
I was neutral. Blunders simply rile
The perfectionist in me.
A U.S. substitute
Against Belgium did the same;
In front of goal, he ‘fluffed’ a chance
Which could have won the game.
It’s ‘no skin off my nose,’
So I should stop lamenting it,
But perfectionism ‘dogs’ me,
And I have to live with it.
Alan Shearer said this is the best
World Cup there’s ever been.
I’m surprised by that opinion,
Judging by the games I’ve seen.
None of them was one
I would have wanted to attend.
It’s a pity, but I shall not mind
When it has reached the end.

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Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/world-cup-2014/