Your Breaking News Ain’t Breaking Us

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 It’s breaking news, they tell us, but we’ve heard it all before.
We knew that it would happen so we’re not that shocked or sore.
And all the ‘fans’ of other teams are hot upon the case.
They cannot wait to see the look on a Chelsea die-hard’s face.
Well let me tell you this, my friend, the story’s not that new.
Your breaking news ain’t breaking us, cos we’re Chelsea through and through.
We loved a man who once was king, and special in our eyes.
But football is a business and so nothing’s a surprise.
The managers, they come and go, some loved, and others not,
It’s throw your car keys in the mix,
Now let’s see who we’ve got.
It’s a swingers Premier League party
And they swap it all around.
So your breaking news ain’t breaking us,
It’s just another round.
It’s breaking news on the BBC, on Five Live and on Sky.
But it’s not real news for the die-hard fan,
So you will not see us cry.
It’s another case of a love we’ve lost,
Who has gone to someone new.
But your breaking news ain’t breaking us.
We’re Chelsea through and through.



Penned because the amount of media coverage on José Mourinho being appointed as manager of Manchester United is slightly ridiculous, and because I’m fed up with casual observers of football asking me ‘what I think about it.’ I don’t like it, as it happens, but the milk was spilt months ago and life (and the club) moves on. Carefree.

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/your-breaking-news-aint-breaking-us/