Your Pinnacle

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Whoever you are
I hope you have a huge party
Back in your bar
When you get out of your half full car.
Even a ride around
Your island of Canvey
In an open top bus
Although holding up the cup
Through the skylight
Of the roof of one of
Your multitude of caravans
Would be more appropriate.
Congratulations to you all
For vanquishing our mighty Hamlet
It clearly meant so much more to you.
I bear you no ill
On your four grand weekly wage bill
Well apart from your clown
Of a Tic Tac keeper.
Clough said Tomaszewski was a clown
You sir were
The whole beepin circus!
Shame really…
As it stopped us applauding at the end
With the usual style we intend.
The only other disconcerting thing
Was not realising we had to bring
Sunglasses at night
With all your MAGs so bright
Glowing orange sunbed tans
Radioactive once only big game fans.
As for the MAG tags
That’s their mums and girls
Unable to do victory twirls
Due to their Essex girl stilleto heels.
In extra time they lowered our flags at the other end
Having realised the message it would send:
Their fans would have been outnumbered
Even by our banners!
It shows how bovvered I am that we lost
I can’t really give a toss
For me it was a night to party
Have a singsong flags all arty
Nothing more, nothing less
Just shrugging shoulders
Ultimately second best.
If we go up in the league
It’s lost in the mists of time
Getting promoted would be sublime
So enjoy your moment when you won the cup
The best of British but…
We couldn’t give a flying…
Be lucky!

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(The report on the official Concord Rangers website included: ‘A huge Concord following tucked behind the goal’; ‘He then turned and marched towards the huge Concord “shed end faithful” to gee them up’ and ‘The final whistle rang out and the club as a whole reached the pinnacle of our existence to date.’ Clearly it meant a bit more to them than us, as supporters, even though it would have been great to win.)

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poems/your-pinnacle/