Crispin Thomas

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    Merchant ship cranes
    unloading their grain
    Confederate ships built at Cammell Lairds
    opposite sits the Liver Birds

    Ferries glide across the Mersey
    supporters wear their red or blue jerseys
    high above the […]

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    How many people can claim that
    breaking their leg
    saved their life

    Seconds from signing for those Red Devils
    shattered bones stunned the cheering crowds
    on that Saturday afternoon
    put paid to those […]

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    Under a canopy of unbroken cloud,
    across a junction over undropped kerbs
    with gates and hedges for goals
    and a wickedly uneven, improvised pitch,
    you appeared in an urban field of dreams
    arrayed on concrete […]

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    Ianthe Exall commented on a poem on Football Poets 5 years, 5 months ago

    Nice one! How many coats does he have or is it just one coat of many colours?

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