oh sweet F.A desert us not – the tables they have turned
within the hallowed temples of evr’y gound we’ve spurned
they’ve turned our one-time people’s game of football into wine
with crap designer labels at twelve pounds ninety-nine
you’d pay much less and get much more
from down your local superstore
but why should we care what’s inside
when we’re content to swallow pride
but yet again the racist slant has reared its ugly head
they’ve limited the colours to only white and red
no thought or care for lesser hues – elitism is back
should you be born to wear the blue or gold or green or black
no sky blue neat aperitif with elegant bouquet
no stripey drink to relegate and wipe the tears away
that goes down well and often-like some do now and then
but also has the habit of coming up again
and why no thought for Hammers or Aston Villa clarets
so overpriced but guaranteed to make you sick as parrots
or Leeds-fraumilk in sweet or dry – for extra drinking time
now football’s just for ‘love-ies’ they’ve turned it into wine
but here’s a strong reminder for those who’ve had their day
the Greavesies and the Adamses and Besties down the way
it won’t be long before we have the Rangers Burger Star
the Chelsea Drug Store selling dope or Arsenal Lap Dance Bar
and whilst i wish no sour taste to leave upon your lips
i cannot wait for Man United A La Fish & Chips
but take this thought- and carry it- like Bovril memories
it’s not about the football… it’s you they want to fleece
and think on this Gin-ola-the penalty of life
it doesn’t pay to sip and play..no NEVER DRINK AND DIVE…

Crispin Thomas Sept 01

Written on hearing a recent football-club wine-tasting session on BBC Radio 5… how refreshing – how Chardonnay… that having tackled the hooligan problem by not letting fans drink in stadiums… we can now sit in exhorbitant glass-boxes with the prawn sandwich brigade and more importantly in our own homes.. and drink disgustingly over-priced wines .. thank you football!…

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2001/08/28/now-theyre-turning-football-into-wine/