more than a flag in some corner
to dance with whenever you score
more than a place where the clever ‘time-waste’
when they’re trying to hang on for a draw

more of a place to put over your thoughts
like some cross that is destined for goal
a place to compose – be it rhyme be it prose
from your feet or your pen or your soul…..

So where to start?…so many issues..so many starting points..a new re-vamped site (cheers Dave)..the new season… World Cup (5-1?) and the escalating price of football on TV…not to mention the suggested £60,000 a week for Owen – after three in one night…(wish i got 60p everytime i did three in one night..poems that is! )…………anyway forget all that good stuff..i’ve kicked off this corner of (in)sanity and personal sanctuary with the very political and highly charged subject of CLUB FOOTBALL WINES…so check out (Jesus) NOW THEY’VE TURNED FOOTBALL INTO WINE…
and please let us know what you think or your views on the new site design..still loads more to do…like the huge task of putting all the poems into clubs and subjects(!) etc; please send all your welcome response. feed-back and replies to guest book.. keep it real
but keep it football..poetry that is..CRISPIN

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2001/09/07/welcome-to-crispins-corner/