Do We Need A National Stadium/ Another Wembley & Where?

Hi -re the poem that follows this………….
i’m sitting here on a deserted and beautiful beach here in Pefkos on Rhodes,Greece having- alone – just watched the sun spectacularly and majestically set as it will have done every ‘night’ for millions and millions of years….here it performs this nightly miracle to empty houses.. regularly..(.in spite of all the atrociites that will have been endlessy committed by man to his fellow man….) and i’m reminded of a poem by the author of that wonderful ode Desiderata..and about how the sun-sets no longer pack them in.. and how sun-rises no longer puts bums on seats …and it got me to thinking about about a place that always used to pack them in…well nearly always (Internastional Hockey and Auto Windscreen Cup Finals excluded)…and so by way of helping me forget about current deep deep fears that make all football poems pale into insignificance…i’ve put this down in the hope one or two out there might share their views….

Originally en-titled Bye Bye Wembley Bye Bye …I finally got to write and be-grudgingly condense this into a sensible length on this quiet beach far away from the sadness and madness around us… it’s taken from countless facts and anecdotes and historical moments (far too many to include)…..and also comes from a long-researched idea and was also kick-started again in Greece this week by an overheard argument among exiled fans here in Pefkos Rhodes …all loudly pontificating and be-moaning the demise and expense of any future national stadium (650 million the latest?)…a raging drunken debate that took place within ear-shot ironcally in-between the relentless and terrifying“Striking Back” Sky News up-dates. so .i’m not sure if the facade of a national staium is much a government priority right now (!) in light of current events… but the place has a place in my heart and maybe more importantly .. be aware that today in Tesco Garage in Stroud you can now buy key-rings made from bits of the old stadium that they’ve dismantled…and that is sad!
the poem follows this….
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