what kind of game is this…in difficult times & places

(in defence of Desailly,Le Saux and Petit etc; staying home )

what kind of game – is this we play
when players have to stand and say –
this world and life mean so much more
than football in an air of war
or in a time – where hope and fear
run parallel – then part or veer

and though we question – who is right
the organisers appetite
it must be filled no matter what
and never ever – must it not
upset the little apple cart
by those who speak from in their heart
when footie chiefs outmoded song
is play up chaps – the show goes on…

but as ever….



© crispin

i know it’s only a game ..and only a flight(?)……..and now it’s game over..(well almost fo Chelsea!!!).. and i guess it doesn’t matter..i also couldn’t really care less if Chelsea go out ..or to be honest if anyone won anything at the moment..that’s never been what football was about to me……but i just find it totally outrageous in these troubled times.. to threaten ejection to any club from some competiton if the team don’t go ….and i support those players for refusing to fly…and yes..i am a life-long Chelsea fan.. but we had it recently with Rangers didn’t we..and there are endless World Cup Qualifiers that no longer appear such attractive journeys aren’t there…?

anyway aren’t world peace,,justice,freedom,life,music,poetry and your missing socks really more important right now ?

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2001/10/19/what-kind-of-game-is-this-in-difficult-times-places/