On Staying Open In The Close Season (& footy poets taking break)

we’re staying open In the long close season
staying open to the earth and sky
staying fluffy when the going gets roughy
staying in touch while the days go bys

grabbing the only four days of summer
grabbing them all as fast as we can
and we’re not jealous of the ones out training
it feels like yesterday the world cup began

taking our time til the time takes over
taking our time and hey wwe;ll survive
not just in love with sweet fotball
we’re just in love with being alive

we’re switching oof from the transfer wrangles
we’re switching off as its bottoming out
we all knew they’d be tightening purses
buit some big players can’t afford to go out.

we’re switching off from the tabloid circus
no back pages and tele for me
we’re in the open taking in nature
free as the wind and the wind cannot read

we’re staying open to other sweet moments
sweet summer festivals and swims in the sea
poems on a long beach under the stars
poems in the garden with friends round for tea

poems in traffic jams stuck in hot cars
poems on anything – the planet to life
not long to go now – i know you know now
but hey don’t worry guys we will survive..

keep on writing now – keep on dreaming
keep on freeing those deep deep words
freedom through football – worldwide freedom
freedom thru one think linking the earth*

freedom from fixtures and freedon from big brother
freedom from mobiles – “you’re cracking up a bit?”
fredom from it all – so for now- that’s it

*except america -you soccer guys you.

you would not believe how many american football poems we get sent that we don’t put up on the site (aren’t we BRUTAL?)

BUT.. out of our quest 4 freedom thru FOOTBALL poetry. (and we mean a la Beckham,Zola,South Korea and Forest Green Rovers) NOT a la the 49er or whatever we keep putting signs up if we go over there too ..there’s one in mad dog on haight st san fran.. and one in inverness california…and i think stuart put one up in a museum ?. so to re-iterate please please please…no american footbal poems on this site please..HEY TIME OUT GUYS.. why NOT create your’e site.. hey america be cool…


have a great summer…time out for us too seeyas in august

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2002/07/18/on-staying-open-in-the-close-season-footy-poets-taking-break/