Nibbles ‘n Scribbles

What an honour, to be invited, to dine and whine, at the bounteous banquet, that is the Football Poets table.
The cuisine, catering as it does, for all tastes : cheesy, salty, peppered with puns, sweet and sour, hot and spicy.
I’ve feasted here for the last two years, now it’s time for me to turn chef.

I hope to occasionally serve up, a tasty dish or two
Its up to you, to decide
Whether it’s a dogs dinner, or nutritious vindaloo
And if it gets up your nose, well, rather than deride
Could we propose, that with a little prose
You might add some champagne
To our Poetic Football campaign?

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2002/10/07/nibbles-n-scribbles/