new season on it’s way!

… and i’ll miss the start! Family holiday in France.
I’ll not offer any predictions for the season,
but I proffer the gift of Hindsight and the glory of Triumph


it’s only at the back-end of the season
that we’ll really see the front-runners;
foresight here and now,
might just crystalise the Gunners?

or perhaps we’ll be seduced
by the billions from Roman urns
and Chelski’s free-flowing champagne?

but elsewhere, ambition also burns
will it be the striped Magpies
who manage to steal away
with the cherished Premiership prize?

or will the pride of Merseyside
Houllier’s reds
regain their former glories
and tear the opposition to shreds?

yet at season’s beginning
when all are invited
it’s hard to see anyone winning
other than United


Who shall prevail
as the winds blow stronger
and the nights grow longer?

Who shall prevail
as the pitches freeze
and ditches fill with trees?

Who shall prevail
when grounds are covered in snow
and morale is running low?

Who shall prevail
when the turkey and stuffing
seperate the perky and puffing

Who shall prevail
as we enter into Spring
and centre from the wing?

Who shall prevail
as the light returns
and ambition brightly burns?

Who shall prevail
as we spy the finishing post
and see, just who wants it most?

Blessed be the triumphant
for when everyone else has failed
only one team will have prevailed!


in the season’s lull
we often mull
at this time of dull

from northern Hull
to southern Seagull
we start anew from null

then brimfull of bull
we feel the new season’s pull !

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2003/07/31/new-season-on-its-way/