Football Poets team by rote

the ‘net;
attracting like a spiders web
enthusiastic scribblers
praising dribblers
and now with tomes in mind
to put poems in bind
to catch footballers between the sheets
perhaps emulate the success of the The Streets

so, a minder, for
the net;
SoonerGooner gunner be guardian
who so, for
wing back, centre back, hard back
right midfield, left midfield
shoring up the middle – the spine
and on the attack – the foreword

just a little fun, playing on the current guestbook topic of self publishing a football poets book

I’m all 4-2-4 it
As long as were all as 4-5-1
Meaning :
Whatever formation is selected, everyone can consider themselves part of the squad and up for selection at any point in the future, à la rotation policy favoured by Tinkerman Ranieri.

In the meantime, keep up the great work – the better this site gets, the better our chances of any form of publication
(perhaps we’re read by more this way than we ever would be through books anyway?)

one dictionaries definition of rote : to go out by rotation or succession; to rotate

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2003/10/17/football-poets-team-by-rote/