A few words for the New Year.

In fact very few words, I’m going through my minimalist phase!

3 poems for the price of one.

The Big Kick off

Fingers overlap
Palms meet
Token smiles
Captains greet

Ref flips
Coin spins
Heads / Tails
Who wins?

Lips purse
Whistle shrill
Noise erupts
Big thrill

Tv close-up
Prodded ball
Entire circumference
Includes all

Opposites attract

Fair play. Foul play.
Stiff tackle. Chopper Harris.
Loaded London. Penniless Paris.
Lusty cheers. Monkey noises.
Rooney’s dreams. David Moyes’s.
Hand shakes. Fisticuffs.
Great saves. Alan Rough’s.
Sponsored boots. Studs showing.
Rising hope. Cynacism’s growing.
Three points. Sore losers.
Silky skills. Boring bruisers.
Capable referee. Fourth official.
Advantage played. Fussy whistle.
Glorious goals. Empty nets.
Fancy footwork. Fraudulent bets.
Matthews, Stanley. Segers, Hans.
Football fanatics. Psycho fans.

Fruity FA Cup results

Banana skin FC : 2
Fancied big guns : 2

Pumped up : 2
Orange peeled off shirts in (premature) celebration : 1

Poms dey tear de hair out : 0
Oz suckers them to earth : 2

Grin and tonics : 4
Neat bitter lemons : 0

Battling underdogs : 3
Cherry red faces : 2

Peering forlornly : 1
Kiwi coloured socks : 2

Raised hopes : quite a few
Sour grapes : many

in honour of the FA Cup 3rd round, 03.01.2004

I was going to go off on a fantastical tangent (tangerine dream?)
but then remembered that fact is stranger than fiction.

The above results translate as :
Watford 2 Chelsea 2
Portsmouth 2 Blackpool 1
Yeovil Town 0 Liverpool 2 (Kewell admits to diving for the penalty)
Birmingham 4 Blackburn 0 (avenging a 4-0 reverse earlier in the season. Blackburn sported bright yellow shirts)
Gillingham 3 Charlton 2
Wigan 1 West Ham 2 (The Hammers for some unknown reason, appeared to be wearing green socks!)

Be sure to read the far better composition in praise of the FA Cup, Crispin Thomas’s ‘where minnows dream’

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2004/01/06/minimalism/