Holocaust Day

Holocaust Day

I was there in Auschwitz
50 years on, but I was there

I smelled fresh cut grass
But it was my senses, scythed

I felt the screams
I saw the ghosts
I touched the terror
I tasted the hate ….

I heard the silence

My emotions were in turmoil
Yet they were as focussed
And as receptive, as never before

And I was as far from football, as I’ve ever been

Commemorating Holocaust Day, January 27th 2004

should anyone unfamiliar with my poetry ever read this,
and not understand the closing line, or feel it too trite,
then I should explain that football has always been my life
and that pretty much everything in my life has revolved around football.

Until that day.

Nothing, but nothing, prepares you for the intensity of emotion that sweeps over you.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2004/01/27/holocaust-day-2/