John Charles tribute by John Toshack

Football fans were very saddened at the death of John Charles this week.
There were many touching tributes to him, including a poem that John Toshack wrote and read at the funeral.

We reproduce it here :

‘The Gentle Giant’ by John Toshack

It really was an awesome sight, to see him moving in full flight
The greatest player I’ve ever seen, I’m sure you know the one I mean
A giant with a gentle touch, just watching him we learnt so much
A big man with a special gift, he gave his team-mates such a lift
In defence or in attack, nobody could hold him back
When the ball was in the air, opponents used to stand and stare
There wasn’t a thing he couldn’t do, King John, he scored goals and he stopped them too
As Welshman we worshipped the ground he trod, and in Italy they treated him like a god
But in spite of his undoubted fame, his character remained the same
And though his goals are in the past, the memories will always last
I think you know the one I mean, the greatest player that’s ever been

God bless you John and may you rest in peace

© John Toshack

If anyone knows how we can get in touch with John Toshack, we would appreciate the contact.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2004/03/05/john-charles-tribute-by-john-toshack/