never thought love could feel this way
never thought i’d hear it or ever see the day
sometimes the words aren’t deep enough to say
it’s just football love actually

all of that stuff you just love to put me through
all of those last-minute crazy things you do
all of that torment that makes me feel blue
when nothing else matters actually

even in the moment when time stands still
even in that second when the love finds the will
great expectations that never fit the bill
in football love actually

hooked like a marriage or a fish from a stream
gripped like a kitten and sucked into a dream
taken as a child and forever they’re your team
but that’s the way it happens – actually

sometimes you wonder if this is just a game
screaming out loud will it always be the same
or someday some way will everything change
but football love doesn’t actually

and one day it’s over – when you let go
sitting in a bar maybe quiet and all alone
staring at some screen and then what do you know
you finally go and crack it actually

all of those years in the pleasure and the pain
coasting in the sunshine then falling in the rain
but deep down I always knew the time’d come again
and you’d finally beat Arsenal..actually.

..but just why did we have to wait 17 games ?
long-suffering elated comment on Chelsea finally beating Arsenal
to reach the semi-final of the Champions League for the first time..
Beatles Were Wrong Shock?. who knows…perhaps once in a while.. money can buy you love..

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2004/04/07/on-football-love-actually/