Welcome to …. Alan, Joe, Steve and Kevin

When are new Football Poets like London buses?
When none come for ages, and then suddenly they come along in fours!

This week, a warm welcome to Alan Laine, who has contributed a few poems already. A welcome too, to Joe Ginn, Steve Marshall and Kevin Curran, who have all contributed one poem each so far. Shown below is one of Alan’s poems.

Black and White together

I once went to Newcastle
To go and watch them play
Against the Reds from Manchester
But I felt sickened on that day

Early in the second half
Incey scored a goal
But the way it was received
Made me want to dig a hole

‘Ince you black bastard’
A bloke behind me roared
It was shouted with such venom
But when Newcastle scored

The same bloke was upon his feet
‘Well done Andy, you’re black and white’
Cole headed home past Schmeichel
‘Watch Match of the Day tonight’

I wondered if he realised
What he’d had to say
His contradictory rant and
The poison spat out that day

So football people everywhere
The decent football fan
Stand up, say ‘no’ to racists
And slap them with a ban

We don’t want them following England
We don’t want them in our grounds
So let’s make sure, for racists,
They’re firmly out of bounds!

© Alan Laine

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2004/05/26/welcome-to-alan-joe-steve-and-kevin/