October review

What a month!

We bid a sad farewell to Ken Bigley, Bill Nicholson and John Peel.

May they Rest In Peace.

In October, we welcomed first time submissions from the following :

Matt Phillips
Graham Bell
Mark Thomas
Tony Walsh – a Manchester-based performance poet
Johnny Wallman
James Edgar
Neil MacLeod
S B Ingle
Jim Ramsay
Steve Wickham : Steve would be familiar to most of you as one of the members of The Waterboys (one of my very favourite bands).

We also welcomed into the world, young George Wilkinson, son and heir to one of our regular poets, Grimsby Town fan Alistair Wilkinson.

We also saw a welcome return from poets who’ve not posted in a long while : Declan Houton and Joe Reid.

Trying to choose a poem to highlight this month, was really difficult.
I’d recommend :
Declan Houton’s ‘Wayne Rooney Debut’
Parry Maguire’s tribute to Ken Bigley : ‘No Football in Liverpool Today’
‘Crispins Corner’ editorial page for John Peel tributes and also Crispin’s recent workshops
Mottman’s Hillsborough tribute : ‘Cry me a tear’ which includes the names of all 96 victims
Graham Bell’s ‘Giants of Glasgow’

& emphasising the ‘welcome’ theme :
Alistair Wilkinson’s proud daddy ditty : ‘Thank You Uncle Peter’ and also his plaintive ‘How Can I Persuade Him?’

Alan McKean added his congratulations with the following contribution :

Blank Canvas
A new blank canvas
Arrives with each new baby
Ensure its best use

© Alan McKean

I’d like to take that theme and offer :

Haiku for George Wilkinson

A gaping net
Dad’s determination decrees
A Grimsby catch

© Clik the mouse

In the end I’ve plumped for three poems, starting with this poignant double from Mark Thomas :

Friday Night

Football match
Friday night
Steaming cup of tea

Big rosette
Bobble hat
Dad sitting next to me

Big arms
Keep me warm
A love for all to see

Come on Whites!
Lets’s get two or three

Hear my prayer
Take me back there
If only that could be …

© Mark Thomas

Like many Liverpool supporters from the Birkenhead side of the River Mersey, my first “live” football experience was watching Tranmere Rovers. Great memories. Thanks Dad.

The Empty Seat

From his seat he watched Jack Balmer, Billy Liddell then Roger Hunt
Then his favourite was Kevin Keegan when he played up the front
From that seat he clapped and cheered each and every Ian Rush goal
And how he idolised Robbie Fowler when he filled the goal king’s role
By the time of Michael Owen’s reign he found it harder to take his seat
That Scouse spirit was still willing but the flesh it was growing weak
Djibril Cisse is the new young gun. He had dreamed of seeing him score
Ticket in pocket, he passed away. Never quite made it through his door
The turnstiles clicked and the stadium filled. The Kop turned up the heat
Nobody gave thought to where he was. He was now the empty seat

Dedicated to all who have been “the empty seat”.

© Mark Thomas


Really hard.
It is
really hard
To focus on the league
When our eyesights been ruined
by trying to make out faded sepia faces
Of our last cupwinning team

© S B Ingle 28.10.2004

Yes. Norwich City won the Frist Division Championship last season.
No. “Grandad” hasn’t stopped going on about the ’59 cup run.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2004/10/29/october-review/