F.A. Cup Final and Ecology

Our science class in Y9 is looking at footie and ecology today from www.ase.org.uk – perhaps we could get some poetic contributions on this theme from our pensmiths. Last year, 13, 000 burgers, 38,000 pasties, 59 tonnes of rubbish, 42 million kms of travelling for 73,000 fans from the match meant the equivalent of cattle farming on 1,381 football pitches; 146 pitches for rubbish disposal; 1,524 pitches for forest to absorb the CO2. So the 2004 Final’s ecological footprint covered 3,051 football pitches. An ecological footprint is the area used to produce everything needed for an activity or person. The smaller the footprint, the better for the environment.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2005/05/20/f-a-cup-final-and-ecology/