George Best R.I.P.

Words do not do justice to the genius of the man who passed away today. But we’ve tried.

Bags I be Bestie

“Bags I be Bestie!” the cry would resound,
As impromptu goalposts were flung on the ground.
And twenty young lads would chase after the ball
Without much positional foresight at all.
And Greavesie and Hurley would go chin to chin
Over whether the ball hit the post or went in.
But Bestie would show what the game was about,
Swiv’lling those hips with his shirt hanging out,
Actually hearing the thund’ring acclaim
Reserved for the few who had mastered the game.
For Charlton piledrivers showed consummate skill,
But rounding poor Banksie was more of a thrill,
And even your Mam was aware of George Best,
The long-haired magician who always impressed,
Selling the dummy with effortless ease,
A drop of the shoulder and shake of the knees.
And then the bell sounded, like shattering glass,
And red-faced and sweaty we trooped back to class.
Oh, wonderful times that flew by in a blur,
Bags I be Bestie – but none of us were.

© Peter Goulding 25th November 2005
Thanks George

Still, They Talk Of Him.

In the betting shops and workmans clubs
Still, they talk of him
In the paper shops and match day pubs
Still, they talk of him

A spindly looking young fella
Who tore yer team apart
Then and only then you knew
What you’d seen seen was art

Chopper thought he had him
It was but a dream
He tantalized us then chastized us
On that field of green

At Craven Cottage one Boxing Day morning
I saw and wanted more
Of what was then the best on show
Charlton, Best and Law

As I sat on a strangers shoulders
So I could see the match
The beauty of such stars on show
Was simply where its at

As a generation grew in confidance
Then lets its hair grow long
We took to taking new idols
Through football, films and song

No more short back and sides for us
We changed the way we dressed
We wanted to be just like he
The beautiful George Best

In the betting shops and workmans clubs
Still, they talk of him
In the paper shops and match day pubs
Still, they talk of him

© kjp raymond 2005

Goodnight George, may your God go with you.

George Best (1946-2005)

United had balding Englishman Bobby Charlton,
flaxen-haired Scot Dennis Law,
and later, mop-topped Welshman Mark Hughes.
All three served United steadfastly and well.
–But there’ll be only one wee Georgie Best,
the dark Belfast boyo,
a wizard of the game,
simply the Best.

© Christopher T. George 2005

George Best R.I.P.

One world
One game
One man

Just one man, mourned like no other
Mourned, as father, son, brother
Mourned, as husband, cousin, lover

Mourned, by millions ….. as football genius

And mourned already and often
For the all-too-early retirement
The alcoholic abuse, the wasted years

But George celebrated life
And we celebrated his talent
So from here on in – we’ll cherish the memories
For anyone who was ever privileged enough to see him play – was privileged indeed

Georgie porgie, kissed the girls and made them ….
And we sighed too, oh, to be like him, onfield and off
For every touch of the ball, was like a lover’s kiss
Tender and tempting
Followed by an exhilarating flourish
Each shimmy, a tantalising tango
Each drop of the shoulder, a champagne moment

We celebrate the fifth Beatle
The first football megastar –
Unfortunately, too fond of a jar
But blissfully – he put the beauty, into the Beautiful Game
And as for the name?
So appropriate

God bless you, George –
You brought so much pleasure and inspiration

© Clik the mouse

George Best helped Manchester United win the First Division title in 1965 and 1967 and the European Cup in 1968. His role in the team’s success was recognised by his becoming the European Footballer of the Year in 1968.

Best made 466 appearances for the Old Trafford club, scoring a total of 178 goals.

He also won 37 caps – scoring nine goals – for Northern Ireland.

He once quipped: “I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered!”

George Best 1946-2005.

Other contributions, on this sad day :

Final Goal.

You danced around
in your prime,
but even you
could never hope to

© barrie haughton

Oh Georgie

Oh Georgie, you were the wizard of the ball,
What happened to the magic that you conjured for us all,
A drop of the shoulder, taking your man,
Scoring goals like only you can.

Oh Georgie, it was all too short,
And you never learned the lessons you were taught,
You lived a life of celebrity,
Discarding the gift God gave to thee.

Oh Georgie, the stunning goal, the perfect pass,
Are blurred remembrances at the bottom of a glass,
Wine, women, whiskey and more wine,
Meant more to you than earthly time.

Oh Georgie, where have you gone,
Be it Heaven or Hell, it’s done, my son,
You cheated death with more lives than a cat,
But you raise your glass and drink to that.

Oh Georgie, it’s time for goodbye,
We will miss you, we will, but who will cry,
The tears that roll down will be for lost talent at rest,
That superstar talent, rest in peace Georgie Best.

© Glenn

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2005/11/25/george-best-r-i-p/