Peter Osgood – The King of Stamford Bridge, R.I.P.

Poems for Ossie…

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Kings Road King

He wos King of the Shed,
He was 60’s Kings Road,
He filled defenders with dread.

He wos a cup winner in 70,
He scored in each round,
as the Blues beat the Leeds,
at the Old Trafford ground.

He played alongside Bonetti,
Hudson and Hutch,
He would have won more than four caps,
if he’d been born Dutch.
He was full of great touches,
giving defenders no peace,
he won a European medal,
on a hot night in Greece.
He was disliked at the Palace,
for his ” leave it John” shout, *****
and the fact he scored four,
in a Boxing Day rout.

He left the Blues disillusioned,
went away for a spell,
played in Philadelphia,
and for Southampton at the Dell.
He won the Cup with The Saints,
when Stokes scored one late,
and the fans said he Wos Good,
but now Ossie Wos Great.
But his heart was on the Fulham Road,
where he was still classed as ‘The King,’
and Os returned to Stamford Bridge,
for a last career fling.

He wos flamboyant,
He wos skillful,
He could give and take his kicks,
he who ruled S.W.6.


OI – OI – OI

cried a voice,clear and loud,
and Ossie waved to Greenaway,*****
who saluted from a cloud.

© Johh J O’Connor March 3 2006

**** Greenaway(now sadly departed) was a legendary figure at Stamford Bridge where he was known as the Zigger Zagger man. He sat in the West Stand , idolised Ossie and got the crowd going with his Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie chant.


Seventies’ schoolboys
Stand in the playground
Swapping their football cards …


© Mark Thomas
Another light goes out …

Osgood Was Good

he was an icon in sun and in rain
the back of The Shed we just sang out his name
great in the air strong on the ground
“Osgood Is Good” that was the sound

Raquel Welch waving on that old touch-line
Steve McQueen and a bottle of wine
Terence Stamp ‘Hutchie’ the Beatles The Stones
sure is amazing how football’s grown

took us into Europe took us to the top
took us up to Wembley saved us from the drop
never won that much did as they please
but they were the Boys of the Seventies

still felt the awe when Ossie was around
taking new fans on the Tour Of The Ground
and back in October he was stood by my side
we were watching Bolton getting tanned like a hide

still had the power still had the smile
still had charisma still had the style
Kings Road Fulham Road in restaurant and bar
raise your glasses to a true superstar

Ossie was a legend Ossie was a Blue
Ossie was Chesea through and through
Ossie was the king he was our Best
Osgood Was Good long may he rest

© Crispin Thomas
heard the news by text in Stoke..as snow was falling.(.a few memories there for old Blues fans).. as i was looking at a statue of Sir Stanley Matthews outside a shopping centre…shine on Oz

The King Is Dead. Long Live The King.

The Kings Road is awash with blue tears
Fulham Road is all shrouded in black
We’ve all heard the news that the King is dead
He who regally lead our attack

The phone hasn’t stopped ringing all day
Fellow fans seem in need of a drink
Most of them said ” Now Ossie is dead
An era’s just gone and died with him
I need time on me own just to think”

Scenes of Old Trafford come vividly back
That epic final when we beat Leeds
A nod of the head from our David Webb
Silenced those who had doubts we’d succeed

A European Cup Winners Cup Final
Real Madrid were beat after a replay
Those far off heady days in different ways
Seem an eternity ago after today

Raquel Welch wore the shirt of the Blue Boys
As the King showed her round his domain
In the days when Stamford Bridge was the place to be seen
If you wanted flair when you followed your team

The sixties were ours to cherish, be proud
As scruffy kids watched their idols with awe
For the price of a ticket you just wallowed in it
Singing” Come on you Chelsea and score”

After away games as we sat in train stations
In blue scarves to return to the Smoke
Ossie and co would walk by so slow
Signing autographs and sharing a joke

Always had time for a chat and a line
That told you he was a true Blue
He knew we were die hards who worshipped the team
He didn’t need telling, he knew

The stadium is empty this evening
It’s echoing that poignant hymn
Those of us Blue are still grieving
The King Is Dead, Long Live The King

The hymn that we sang to worship the man
Who we idolised when when we were kids?

“Osgood, Osgood, Osgood, Osgood
Born is the King of Stamford Bridge”

© kjp raymond 2006

Goodbye Ossie

“Ossie, Ossie, is the King!”
That’s the song the Shed would sing
His picture hung up in my room
Another hero gone too soon

A million boys would shout his name
Copying their hero during a game
“Peter Osgood…… What a run!”
Commentating and playing all in one

To the old fans, he harked back
To players of yore, like David Jack
To us, he was Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Pop star style, plenty of cash

I always remember that goal he scored
When he dived, full length toward
that cross, to score for Chelsea
And win the cup back in 1970
……………(Oh, how we hated Leeds!)

So today I’m feeling a little older
The world outside seems so much colder
That biting wind now seems too sting
Goodbye to you Ossie, you were the King

© Poet Shot


The spirit you showed playing football
Spread around to all of the others
You personified the spirit at Chelsea
You were one big happy band of brothers

As Hammers we stood in the Shed end
Shouting abuse at you and your fans
But you played your heart out for Chelsea
And upset many teams plans

I remember a goal at Old Trafford
You scored at the old Stretford End
It was in that Cup Final replay
Leeds just couldn’t defend

As an opposing team’s supporter
I looked on and admired your skill
And when you scored for Chelsea
You could see it gave you a thrill

They will miss you down at the Bridge now
But your memory will live on through the years
Of Osgood the chants they’ll keep singing
At first it’ll be through choked tears

A player like you ain’t around now
And that is a loss to the game
We’ll all remember the great Peter Osgood
Your passing is such a great shame

© missionboy

“Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy! Oi Oi Oi!”

Ozzy Osgood was too good for most.
Never clashed with Besty who was at the other end.
Ozzy whacked ’em in from thirty yards
The Bridge’s favourite son.
These men live forever in a chanted song.
“‘Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy! Oi Oi Oi!”

© Ron Hiles

I’m gutted.
This is the most personally painful posting I’ve had to put up here.

Some people got to see Pele.
Some people got to see George Best.
I got to see Ossie – and learned all there is to know about worship.

Ossie joined Chelsea at 17 in 1964.
He made 380 appearances for the Blues and scored 150 goals, helping us win the 1970 FA Cup and 1971 European Cup Winners’ Cup.
Capped 4 times for England – a stat that just doesn’t do him justice.

Peter Osgood, R.I.P.

b. 20th Feb 1947. d. 1st March 2006.

Today just had that air, of a no-good day – yet with no good reason
Until the news broke
And broke my heart
My all time hero – dropped dead today
I dropped my head to pray
As indeed he had done, before collapsing, at a family funeral

There’ll be a funereal air
Hanging over Stamford Bridge
For many, many years – probably until
The last Ossie worshipper, joins him

Finally, sadly, it’s caught up with us :
“Osgood was good”

Just a rhyme to some
But to most
It was our first indication of how a rhyme can distort
For Ossie, was way better than that.

Though put another way, it resonates.
For as Mick Channon was quoted on this sad, sad day :
“Probably the only one who could touch him was George Best – he was that good.”

Goodbye Ossie – The King of Stamford Bridge

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2006/03/01/peter-osgood-the-king-of-stamford-bridge-r-i-p/