World Cup Website for Schools Update

Our Inclusive World Cup 2006 – Act Local, Think Global, www.ourworldcup.co.uk

www.ourworldcup.co.uk is a free collaborative educational resource for teachers and learners throughout the world. It is a cross-curricular website built in our own backyard but as the word spreads, so we hope to receive words from all over the world. Teachers are providing resources, activities and lesson plans; poets are providing words; IT specialists are providing their expertise; sponsors are providing prizes. It is a site firmly based on the practice of equal opportunities and inclusivity:
1. We help challenge gender-assumptions;
2. We promote diversity;
3. We provide opportunities for gifted and talented students;
4. We provide differentiated work for SEN students;
5. We provide a medium to engage students currently seen as under-achieving.

What can have greater potential for inclusivity than a World Cup? What can promote international education better than “Act Local, Think Global”? Welcome aboard this carbon-free journey and thank you for your support.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2006/05/06/world-cup-website-for-schools-update/