Mead Primary School Poems+ Book Review

As part of an on-going September school exhibiton ….a selection of poems produced in June at Mead Community Primary School in a World Cup Workshop with Crispin..I love this first one!
(by kind permission of Stuart) ….Crispin




Peter Crouch

scored a cracking goal,

It sent Harry’s dad

to hospital.

He jumped in the air

And screamed in pain

“I don’t think

I’ll do that again”

I reckon now

He hates Peter Crouch ,

He wants to punch him in the face

And then he’ll scream

oh my nose,

And then his nose

went the colour rose.

Da Da Da !*!*!*!

Alex & Harry (Mead C.P.School)

(Harry’s Dad jumped up in hte air and broke his foot when Crouchy scored..true strory!)


I am the least important

The crossbar is my name

I used to be the highest

But then someone came


Players charge at me every day

People stand under me and have their say

No one cares about me

They say I’m in their way

Especially Crouchy!

People shout at me

For being so thin

Stopping the ball

From going in

But without me

You couldn’t even play

I’m the most important in a way

(But Crouchy would miss any way)

By Jess molo loz x



I’m a piece of grass

Surrounded by others

Green tall and thin

Cramped and pushed

Not always everywhere flung by the ball

Stood on and studded

All I hear is people shout

Arguing with the ref

Swearing with each other

They never give it a rest

Why was I made a piece of grass.



I am the gloves of the goalkeeper

Sweating with tears

Something wriggling inside me

When the keeper catches the ball I tremble and shiver with fear

Maybe I wasn’t made to do this

I am too much of a wimp

I shouldn’t have this job

The gloves of the goal keeper I shouldn’t be!

By Lauren , Mollie, Jess



Football is the world

The world is the greatest

I am the world

I am the heaven and the hell

The angel of the stadium

I watch over the ball

I watch over fans

I watch over the crowd

I watch over the world

Football is the world

The world is the greatest

I am the world

I am the love and hate

I am crazy

People adore me

But they also loathe me

Football is the world

The world is the greatest

I am the world

I am the black and the white

I am the dark and the light

I am the sun and the moon

I am the football

football is the world

Football is the world

The world is the greatest

I am the world

I am the goal

The centre and corner

The offside flag

I am the ref and the whistle

Football is the world



Football is cool

it really does rule

I‘d rather play football

Than go to school

‘Cause I’m from England

England till I die

Even if they sometimes

Make me cry

Crouch up front

Rooney’s there too

Cole on the left

Will see us through

Beck’s on the right

Sven is so tight

Come on England

Win the fight

By Robert Young and
Mohamed karmoun


We were all sitting in our seats
when they came out,

The heroes came out


It was England and TUNISIA!


England, England dressed in white

, they put up a really great fight!

Football is so cool

it really does rule,

Then comes Gary Lineker

with his great big ears,

Then who’s next?

Oh Jazirie a lovely goal from his head!




I am a football,

A football I am.

First I was in England,

Now in Siam.

Why do they kick me?

I have feelings too!

Even though I was made,

Just to be kicked by you.

But when I go into the goal,

They all cheer.

That makes me happy

Not sad, happy.

Cheer cheer! Cheer cheer!

Now I am a star,

I’m sure I will go far.

I am the star of the world,

The World Cup.

I am the best,

Better than the rest.

People adore me,

Buying me everywhere.

In England, Spain, France,

And my home country Siam.

But who will win?

What happens if they don’t want me?

What will they do?

If I get old,

And covered in mould.

What if they get a new football?

Better than me.What will I do?

Be popped with a pin

When they drink?

But while my time lasts,

I will be happy being the World Cup ball.

But when the time comes,

I will retire in the trophy hall.

Because that’s what I am,

A football. Not a star,

A plain football.

And that’s what I am,

And happy to be!!!

By Lloyd and Joe.

Football Poetry book review – Eddie Gibbons

Book Review: “Game On!” by Eddie Gibbons, Thirsty Books, £6.99
ISBN 1902831985

Witty and funny 80’s style fanzine back cover, fronted by retro-ironic 50’s style goal mouth action – this is a book that you can judge by the outside. Yes, it’s about footie, yes, it’s clever and humorous, but the front cover wouldn’t let you know about the quality of the writing. Eddie Gibbons has an enviable ability to rhyme and write with economy, precision and perception. His poems are well crafted and drafted (was it Robert Graves who said to Wilfred Owen that “A poem is not complete until it’s written on a second sheet”?). He shows that it is possible to write proper poems about football, poems that go beyond the reflecting back of apparent reality, poems that hint at something a little bit more elusive, allusive and haunting. The book contains over 40 poems, all of high quality, including one that I would love to use in R.E. lessons but I include an extract from a different one to show what a good buy this book would be:


What happened here today
will turn into mythology,
and in the misty
melancholy of a later telling,
the whistle now blowing
will be a symbol
of something long since lost.

There will be an adjustment
of hopes; folklore and old songs
will be stitched together,
and be retold as
dim recollections,
small consolations
for the dark days ahead…

© Stuart Butler – 24 Jul 2006

Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/2006/09/14/mead-primary-school-poems-book-review/